Your Confidentiality Is Our Priority

Privacy is paramount.  An efficient and trusted information and document destruction service like that offered by TotalShred ensures that a business’ confidential information and trade secrets are kept secure.

Reduce the Threat of Security Breaches with a Secure Process

Shredding information containing sensitive material has shifted from an option to an absolute necessity.  When sensitive materials fall into the wrong hands, a company’s reputation, data and trade is at stake.  Why leave your business at risk?  Security breaches threaten a business’ reputation, assets and investments and can lead to lost revenue.  TotalShred’s unparalleled document destruction service can keep your business, client and employee interests at the forefront and, more importantly, secure and uncompromised.

Information and data protection is a vital concern for any organization.  Throughout the years, and especially in the last decade, businesses have become increasingly aware of confidentiality issues, fraud, corporate espionage and especially identity theft. For a business to ignore such security threats would not only be unethical but also non-compliant to the safeguarding of stakeholders’ interests. Failure to adequately destroy and dispose of confidential information not only jeopardizes the protection of a business’ privacy, it is also a threat to consumers and businesses and is harmful to the environment.

Safeguard Your Information – Prevention is the Best Solution

In the last couple of years in particular, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development (SD)  have become an integral part of many business models. This trend is ever-growing and will dictate a company’s success in years to come. Consumers, employees, suppliers, media and other entities have their eyes wide open to companies’ best practices.  This further attests to the fact that shredding through a trustworthy document destruction service company is the safest, fastest and most environmental choice.

To address this situation, TotalShred was founded by Mr. Robert Capalbo in 2003.  Since that time, TotalShred has become Montreal’s fastest growing on-site document destruction company, where a business’ confidentiality is its top priority. TotalShred also aims to increase awareness on Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability.

A local company, TotalShred is proud today of all its thriving achievements among a multitude of Canadian organizations, ranging from small-medium businesses to national and multinational corporations.

But TotalShred is not just any document destruction company! TotalShred has gained a highly regarded reputation in Montreal and its surrounding areas for offering competitive pricing, a quick response time (the fastest in the industry), and a personalized service that answers a business’ needs in the most secure and efficient way possible.

TotalShred is a home grown company at your service!

What Do We Shred?

Financial Records
Credit card transactions
Bank Information
Corporate Documentation
Medical Records
Personal client information
and much more!

Paper Shredding Montreal
Paper Shredding Montreal

Paper Shredding Montreal